Personnel security screening

Personnel security screening


Polygraph  (lie detector)

Professional, creative, hardworking and honest employees form the basis of any business success. Personnel examination at the stage of acceptance for employment will help the employer to avoid many problems in future. Today personnel departments have a lot of ways and methods of staff recruitment which consist of various psychological tests.


But the method of lie detection is rightfully considered the most efficient.


For using this method it is required a polygraph (lie detector) and polygraph examiner.


Lie detector (polygraph) is a computer with sensors attached to it. The sensors fix certain physiological changes in person which are specified by reactionary actions of nervous system. At once the lie detector fixes some physiological parameters, such as arterial blood pressure, heartbeats, pulse, breath, sweating, etc.

But the polygraph can only fix to what degree the tested person is excited, but it doesn't determine the excitement reason. Further work and overall result depend on professionalism of the polygraph examiner. He defines the competence of hired employee, helps to unlock his inner potential, to choose the most usable direction of business profile in the company.


Lie detection screening is also irreplaceable in cases when it is necessary to conduct official investigation, reveal whether illegal action was made, define the persons involved, establish the actual doers and joined parties.


Scheduled polygraph inspections (lie detector) are necessary for the personnel eligible for commercial secrets, working with cash assets, important documents.

For our Clients we engage only the best certified polygraph examiners with wide checks experience using lie detector.