Facility protection

  1. Facility protection


Protection sites


GUARD-R Group renders services in site protection of various categories: office, trade, logistic, entertainment complexes, banks, industrial enterprises, embassies, oil-and-gas fields.


Security guards


At Guard-R Group pre-employment procedures for all security guards include:


• Preliminary selection on professional suitability using current practices of psychological testing.

• Test for involvement in commitment of criminal and administrative violations.

• Instructing in training center of Guard-R Group.


The basic requirements upon entry into employment in Guard-R Group are age not older than 45 years, minimum height of 175 cm, completed school or professional education.


Security guards must provide Guard-R with health certificate of set form, Security School Diploma, Security Guard License.


Equipment and outfit


At the request of the Customer security guards can be equipped with modern portable radio stations with a headset, special means and service weapons.


For duty on protected objects Guard-R Group can provide some samples of uniforms and office suit.


Operational support


The Guard-R Group pays serious attention to questions of emergent increase of security on sites during escalation situations. Such situations may arise in case of sudden illness of a security guard, having the need to deal with public measures close to the site, accidents on site (fire, assault, need for evacuation of visitors and    personnel).


Rapid response for solution of similar problems is carried out by forces of Duty Security Service of Guard-R Group at any time of day.


The Duty Security Service consists of:



Security guards train on regular basis on the issues of practical actions in case of unusual situations, including home and road accidents.


All Emergency Response Team members are authorized to carry firearms.


Each Duty vehicle is equipped for emergency repairs and diverse means of mobile communication.


The reaction time from the moment an ERT unit is put on alarm until leaving the office territory is1 minute. 


Duty Service Group is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Quality Control


Quality department managers and security service managers do quality control of security services in Guard-R.


Their duties include:




     In addition, members of the Duty security service are involved to maintain and ensure quality service programs.


Their duties include:


     the site (every two hours);

     working hours (by means of sobriety test device);


Security conceptions development


Guard-R Group provides services for development of security conceptions for protection sites with any complexity.


Security conception includes: