Cargo and convoy protection

Cargo and convoy protection   

One of the main areas activities of Guard-R Group is service delivery for property protection and material valuables at their transportation, cargo and convoy protection, cash collection provision. Property protection during automobile, rail, water and air transportation is carried out all over the Russian Federation.

Within rendering of this service Guard-R Group provides:

- armed and unarmed property protection and material valuables when moving by the Client`s transport;

- cargo protection moved by the Client by means of convoy in own motor transport;

- provision of cash collection and material valuables of the Client including own motor transport.

Guard-R Group transportation, including Ford armored vehicles, meeting all the requirements of completeness and safety are involved in rendering of the last two service types. Teams of the specified cars are staffed with professional drivers and highly skilled security guards, equipped with necessary service weapons, special devices, protection features and communications.

Individual attention is applied to working out of each contract including data collection about the situation on traffic route, examination of accident statistics and cases of attack, definition of potentially dangerous areas and possible diversion routes.

Preparation and implementation of each order are carried out with observance of maximum confidentiality. The type of cargo, data on transport, route and trip time are known to narrow circle of corporate employees. The situation on the route is under day and night surveillance, in this connection according to the schedule the Duty Security Service in Guard-R gets necessary data, which can be provided to the Client at any time.

Guard-R Group is one of the few companies insuring its professional responsibility. The insurance policy acts on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.