Consulting services

Consulting services


In security consulting service in addition to physical protection, technical means and engineering safety is one of the most important components in any business process. This intellectual service is intended for profitable oriented Client`s activity with the purpose of essential risk minimization in its enterprises business activity.

The basis of specialist performance in Guard-R Group is the individual attention to each Client with due regard to specificity of his industrial work. Nevertheless, the generalized complex of services can be presented as follows.


Complex of services for the purposes:

- definition of current safety level of client organization according to the world practices, industry requirements and efficiency of counteraction to potential threats;

- definition of safety directions taking into account strategic objectives of client organization development;

- definition of specific acts and action plan for effective advance in chosen directions;

- implementation of operations and actions promoting the client organization in objectives achievement.


Complex of services for the types:

- information activity (supplying information received within the current legislation concerning business interests of the client company);

- analytical activity (analysis and evaluation of presented information in order to rendering of assistance to the Client in taking optimal decision);

- forecasting (model formulation of potential up-coming events that are capable positively, neutrally or negatively to have an impact on financial and operational activities of the client organization);

- consulting (recommendations issue on the widest range of questions on security protection of the Client business activity).


Complex of services for the contents:

- obtaining initial information on interested sales markets and deliveries in domestic regions;

- studying of reliability and financial responsibility of potential Russian contractors;

- information process support of the contractual relations establishment with contractors;

- assessment of possible risks at the conclusion of civil law relations;

- representation of client organization interests in negotiation process with contractors connected with it by the contractual arrangements;

- preliminary compliance assessment of candidates for proposed vacancy;

- check of data reliability provided by candidates in vacant position replacement;

- consulting and rendering the practical assistance in case of internal and external corporate disputes;

- work activity management on counteraction of counterfeit production appearance in the domestic market.


Complex of services for the form:

- advisory services with periodic expert's visit the Client company;

- remote advisory services without departure to the Client;

- permanent presence of advisory group at the Client`s enterprise.

      For certain types of services the form of the contractual relations assumes fixed (subscriber) payment coordinated by the Parties, as for the other types of services the accounts are settled depending on work performed.