Executive protection

Executive protection


Guard-R Group offers the Clients wide range of services for providing personal security of individuals. Bodyguard is carried out professionally trained employees from Bodyguard Department armed with firearms and special devices.  Client safety is the formula for successful business because suddenly you can lose your all.


Among our services for providing bodyguard we offer:


• Providing personal security of leaders and top officials (VIP) of Russian and foreign companies (only skilled bodyguards, many years' experience).

• Meetings organization, escort, protection of foreign delegations and very important persons (personal protection of representative class, meetings and sending off  delegations at the airports, stations, as also providing their safety at all the events provided by the program of their visit in Moscow and other regions in the Russian Federation).

• Security protection when carrying out mass cultural and entertainment events, concerts, during public performances (specially trained bodyguards).

• Escorts of the protected person by car.

• Providing services of professionally trained drivers.


Basically our Bodyguard Department consists of the former staff of Federal Protective Service (FSO), and also the employees from other security Special Forces having considerable experience in regard to safety provision.


All department members (bodyguards) have working permit with firearms, license, modern protective devices, corresponding outfit. For timely response they are provided with mobile and radio communications.


The specific program on personal protection officers training is developed on the basis of training center in Guard-R Group


Training of modern bodyguard is conducted in the following disciplines:


Special tactical training


Safety ensuring of guarded official at foot escort in car and office (in group and solo).


Holding off an attack on guarded official, power counteraction during an attack on guarded official.


Operational and technical inspection of the car, office, surrounding area.


External observation, counter supervision.


Firearms training


Fire contact at a short distances.


Fast and protective firing.




Package of measures, methods and arrangements for detection, prevention and protection of guarded official against sniper attempt.


Physical training


Study and skill training of close fight.


Methods study of power counteraction using cold and fire arms during an attack on guarded official.


General physical exercises.



Legal preparation


Knowledge of the laws, positions and duty regulations regulating private security activities.



Medical training


Extreme medicine (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, skill training of the actions during the wound of guarded official).


All department members (bodyguards) have the certificate on pass of qualification examination and conferment of premium quality (the 6th category). Work level with VIP according to the EPGS indexing system (global bodyguard standard). Identifying card of private security guard, authorization to possess and keeping of duty weapon and authorization to possess and keeping of self-defense weapon.