Legal services

Legal services


Corporate practice

- general consultations on the corporate rights questions, by-laws documents formulation of business companies, preparation and holding of shareholders' meetings, change of charter capital, policy development of corporate management, capital issue;

- making transactions relating to mergers and acquisitions of enterprises;

- legal confirmation of arrangements between shareholders of business companies;

- setting-up of joint, holding companies;

- working-out and implementation of the plan for reorganization and companies restructurings;

-  pre-sale preparation of the companies, preparation of the companies for shares placing at public auction;

- business protection against hostile takeovers.



- complete legal services at investment projects implementation in the territory of the Russian Federation;

- assessment of financial and legal risks at making of investment transactions;

- engagement with Russian government authorities;

- disputes settlement in the range of competition laws;

- corporate law, mergers and acquisitions;

- advisory services in the field of financial and banking law, assessed taxation.


Transactional real estate

- advisory work on the questions of town-planning, land, environmental legislation;

- legal expert finding of transactional real estate, legal audit of real estate units;

- development and implementation of complex transactions related to acquisition/alienation of real property titles; 

- client representation in state organs at registration of transactional real estate;

- disputes settlement connected to real estate.


Assessed taxation

- advisory work on tax questions of juridical persons;

- tax analysis of complex transactions and schemes, potential impacts analysis of business transactions settlement;

- representation of corporate interests in tax disputes with fiscal bodies.


Banking and financial law

- advisory work on any questions of banking and financial law;

- transactions support of credit, pledge, bilateral loans;

- development and implementation of refinancing projects and obligation restructurings;

- debts recovery under loan liabilities;

- engagement with government authorities on financial law questions, client representation in Federal Service on Financial Markets.


Corporate bankruptcy

- protection of creditors and debtors within bankruptcy proceeding;

- advisory work of interested persons;

- strategy formulation on debtor obligations restructuring, taking measures directed at ensuring performance of creditors` claims;

- legal support of debtor property realization within bankruptcy proceeding.


Mergers and Acquisitions activity (M&A)

- advisory work on the questions of M&A coming transaction, transaction structuring;

- analysis of legal, financial and regulatory documentation (legal due diligence) of the parties of M&A transaction;

- development and schemes implementation of transaction risks minimization;

- conduct of negotiations, cooperation procedures of transaction Parties;

- preparation of documents for settlement of M&A transaction, creation of the scheme guaranteeing enforcing obligations for the parties.


Intellectual property

- copyright protection, intellectual property protection in courts and Chamber for Patent Disputes;

- assistance in trade-mark registration, trading mark, service mark;

- assessment of intellectual property;

- assistance in receipt of a patent;

- general advices in the field of trademark and allied rights, advices on defense of rights of trademark and patents owners.


Disputes settlement

- representation of the client in arbitration and intermediate courts, general jurisdiction courts;

- advisory work on disputes settlement questions;

- debts recovery;

- compulsion to perform obligations;

- participation in the talks on the questions of pre-judicial procedure of disputes settlement;

- recognition of transactions invalidity;

- assistance in injunctive relief;

- enforcement of court decision;

- representation of the client in bailiff service, the appeal against the actions (inactivity) of bailiff.