Alarm monitoring and response

Alarm monitoring and response


The Group of Companies «Guard-R» offers full range of services for security monitoring service organization of stationary objects.


Today security monitoring service is the most effective way of private property and business protection against security incidents.


Security monitoring service represents hardware and software package of technical means for sites security provision (banks, offices, shops, private apartments), including modern systems of security and fire alarms and central monitoring station (CMS).


At entry of alarm signal to Central surveillance panel the departure is carried out by Emergency Response Team (ERT).


Security monitoring service makes possible to maintain twenty-four-hour control over unauthorized penetration into guarded object, and also to prevent fire, smoke formation, leakage of water and gas.


Security monitoring service operation


Security monitoring service works in the following manner:


• Alarm messages are formed and sent to the Central monitoring station at unauthorized bounds violation of guarded object, attack, detection of fire break-out signs, leakage of water or gas, technical means of object signal system;

• Alarm messages are transferred over communication channels chosen by the Client (telephone lines; channel of GSM cellular communication; Internet);

• Upon receipt of alarm message the operator of Central monitoring panel sends Emergency Response Team to the protection site without any further delay and informs the authorized representative of the Customer;

• The operator controls of developments till final solution. If necessary the emergency call services are engaged (Emergency Control Ministry, ambulance, etc.).  


Technical supply


High reliability and operability of security alarm system first of all are defined by selection of the equipment installed as on remote objects, and at Central monitoring station carrying out alarm signals receipt and processing. For this reason it is so important to select system components properly in order to ensure reliable protection of Client`s values.


Experts of security monitoring service in Guard-R Group offer wide range of security equipment and alarm systems for apartments, banks, offices from various Israel producer companies, the country in which safety is a state and society foundation. The equipment of Pima Electronic Systems Ltd, Electronics Line, Crow, which are installed by our employees, allows us to satisfy the most demanding Customer.


Emergency Response Team


Emergency Response Team (ERT) of security monitoring service is formed from among the corporate employees, who have worked in the company not less than 3 (three) years and received special instructions in training center of Guard-R Group.


Two security guards and the driver are included as a compound of Mobile Patrol Group.


All ERT employees have special outfit (vests, helmets, night viewers, lamps, special devices and service weapon).


All cars are equipped with movable communication, first-aid outfits and tools for prevention of emergencies.


In case of need, if the Client`s property is under the threat the temporary stationary post can be exposed.